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Why CRM is not working in a proper way?

One of the most effective ways to flush your money down the tube when you automate your small business is to buy a good CRM system, but not to work with the full range of its possibilities. Using your CRM system in a limited format reduces the efficiency of the business, doesn’t allow you to sell better and more, preclude the development of your company.

First mistake: refusing mobility

When you purchase a CRM system that "binds" sales managers to the workplace, you encourage their work in an old-fashioned way – pen, paper and electronic applications like Excel. Sellers want to have an access to the data and the opportunity to prepare for the conversation with the client wherever they are stuck in traffic or go from one meeting to another.

The same applies to entering data into the CRM. Why you have to wait for returning to the office to write down the important information? This assumes that your employees will first write something down on paper or worse will just rely on memory.

Mobile version of the program improves the quality of the entered data. With a mobile app sellers after the meeting will be able to immediately enter the information into CRM. No more encrypted notes made in haste, and mysterious phone numbers in the contacts list.


The second mistake: not forming common rules of work with CRM 

Using intuitively CRM systems may not require special training, but the staff definitely need proper guidance. Why? Because people think differently. If you put eight different people in front of any problem they are suitable to solve it in eight different ways. Of course, diverse styles of thinking is what you want from your team to communicate with customers around the world. 
However, the difference in thinking also means that will be used differently:

  • Terms. What is meant by the word "buyer"? Does it mean completely same as the "client"?
  • The levels of detail. The company of the client has HR Director, has Director of the HR Department, has Director of HR... Wait, this is not the same person?
  • Details of the information about the client. Do I need to write his birthday or rather the full name and company name?

Incorrect filling of data by one person forces the rest of the Department to spend time on updating information. This problem leads to outrage and sabotage of the CRM system. A single set of rules would simplify the work of sales managers. The data would be understandable to each employee. You could easily understand everything both about new deals, and that which have been long frozen.


The third mistake: not fully keeping track of the statistics 

CRM system gives statistics and analytics. They can be used to set work objectives and monitor their execution. A team of managers will be able to motivate themselves to work better. 

How metrics and statistics can help you to sell more?

The closing of another small stage gives confidence and working fuse to the employees.
Assume and check the expectations from the work with a customer, then each worker will understand what goals they face.
Setting goals helps with time management. It will be easier to track the progress of the work with the client and focus on more important tasks.
The measurement of workflow will show how the business is developing. Try different approaches and then compare which works better. 

Don't forget to train your team working with CRM for more effective communication. They don't have to master it intuitively. If sales lack sufficient knowledge, staff will not feel confident during the call. And if managers are constantly unsure of themselves, they will be confused in the work.