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Author Vadim
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Typical Mistakes and Myths of CRM Implementation

Very often CRM is being implemented “just because”, but in practice not used. Some people have difficulties working, while others do not know how to effectively use it.

CRM is very difficult to understand.

No. In fact, learning and start working in CRM is simple! But in human nature to fear the new is common naturally, especially if a person suspects the control of the leadership. 
Again, No! The leader can’t spy on the employee or his actions on the PC by using CRM.

CRM will solve all problems.

This error occurs if the company's administration hopes that after the implementation all the business problems will be solved. But one implementation is not enough.
CRM can improve and accelerate the processes that are already working in the organization. But if the company has not established relationships with customers, sales, etc., hoping that the CRM will solve these problems is silly.


A common mistake of CRM integration is to expect a rapid effect from the installation. The situation is complicated by the fact that after a short time the result is still not visible. Company rather than strengthen the configuration and involving employees in its use - just gives up.
The timing of the visible efficiency depends on various factors: company size, number of customers, quality of settings, staff involvement, and many other nuances. 
Therefore, it’s important don't quit at halftime.

And the biggest mistake of integrating CRM is to wait for sales growth. 
CRM is a tool which we must use wisely, but at the first place is PEOPLE that extract and analyze data, communicate with clients, develop creative concepts, create and sell a product.

When an administrator tells you "I'm comfortable to keep records in Excel", think about it as sabotage. The next step in this direction can be paper notes. 
Data must be stored in ONE system, otherwise, it is impossible to get the common picture.


If you have more than one customer and you do not plan to stop, CRM must have. Because sooner or later you will face with problems:

  • scaling - with the growth of the business you will need to store the data, standardize it and handle;
  • security — contacts and deals are very important in every business and they need to be protected, primarily from retiring dishonest employees;
  • safety - data should be intact;
  • continuity — in case of delegation of authority from Manager to Manager or joining the new employees.

It is time to stop to keep contacts and data in a table with an ever-rising columns. Order CRM system and you will never look back!