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Types of CRM systems

The different types of CRM systems focus on the common goal of creating possibilities, through the use of technology, to improve the quality of service a business provides to current and prospective customers.

There are different demands for different types of business. Because the optimal solution for small and medium enterprises will not be able to satisfy the needs of large companies. This applies to the organization of business processes, working conditions and technical support.

A good CRM system has not only made life easier for the business owners but also when used properly, it can increase sales, improve service quality etc. But it can be done only under certain conditions.
The first and the most important of them is the choice of software in accordance with the requirements of a particular business.


The main directions

Types of CRM systems:

  • Informational. It’s a common customer base. Such CRM is used for entering and storing information about the customers, transactions, sales, etc. It is a kind of informational space of the enterprise, where are stored different kinds of documents, contracts, invoices and other.
  • Analytical. It’s a more advanced type of programs. Their function is more complex, has a number of additional properties. This CRM can not only store data, but work with them: report on the selected parameters, analyse data.
  • Collaborative. This type of system organizes a close cooperation with the client, sometimes even allowing him to influence the internal processes of the enterprise. For example, this program allows you to conduct surveys in order to change the quality of the product, provides the purchaser the opportunity to choose and to order goods or services online.

Depending on needs, company chooses one of CRM systems. As a rule, these programs include several components that enable managers and employees to benefit from this product.