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The economic effects of the introduction CRM system in the company

CEOs often perceive the effectiveness of the CRM implementation at the level of common sense. This applies to such effects as increasing the productivity of sales, customers satisfaction and retention. The difficulties of rating appear by calculating mathematically an accurate assessment of ROI because a universal equation does not exist for such an evaluation.

A complex project of implementation CRM system brings the following effects:

1.The increase sales and services

The expected economic effect from the implementation of CRM system will be from 5-15% of the turnover of funds of the company.

2. The growth of customer loyalty

The quality of service and a percentage of retention of the old clients are connected directly. The high-quality customer service gives the opportunity to increase the income of the enterprise.
The increase of loyalty of the client with the improvement of service quality is first of all long-term value, improving the company's reputation. Other things being equal, that value allows to raise the prices of manufactured goods and services.


3. The lack of receivables

In many cases, the managers of the company are the guilty ones of forgetting to bill or remind the customer in time about the approaching due date. Therefore, the introduction of the CRM system with the functionality of accounting of settlements with the control of payment deadlines allows to reduce abruptly the number of such cases by 50-90%.  **

4. The increase in productivity and efficiency of staff

Implementation of CRM system allows to free staff from routine work for 15-30%. This time can be spent on the solution of direct responsibilities for sales and customer service. If this will be effective at least 40-50%, then the gain of the company will be 8-12 hours of the working time of each Manager. It is a direct sales growth and direct rise in the efficiency of the service.


5. Reduction of dates for training new employees

Thanks to the CRM system, an automation of the typical situations in communication with customers and the booking paperwork, the introduction of new employees to the work is faster for 30-50%.

6. The integrity of client base

The main value of the manager is the customer base, which he leads personally. With this list, he often switches to the competitors. But, if all the contacts are in a database, highly protected from unauthorized removal of information, the probability of such leaving is much lower. The information about customers remains in the database and it can be used by a new employee.

7. Improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns

Built-in CRM system, performance evaluation functions of marketing campaigns allow to choose further the best option impact on the market.