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Results of business process automation

The purpose of the business processes automation is that it enables the company to significantly reduce the time and financial costs, which in turn increases the efficiency of the business.

Today, there are many effective methods to organize your business. Among the most useful and rational methods, it is complex automation of business processes based on the development of the information system.

Due to the automation of business processes, the company can significantly improve the level and quality of services. Automation of business processes virtually eliminates the human factor, which particularly affects the work with a large amount of information.

In the long term, high-quality modernization of the enterprise is useful because the owner consciously and systematically reduces costs and increases revenue. 

Making a choice in favour of business process automation, you will achieve:

  • Reduction of the number of errors. 
  • Increase the speed of operations within the cycle. 
  • Improving the productivity of the enterprise. 
  • High accuracy of operations and decision-making speed. 
  • Reduction of costs and time that you spend doing the work. 
  • Reduction of the number of possible outcomes. 
  • Possibility to perform multiple operations in parallel.

Modern systems

If you look at standard automation systems globally, you can divide them into several groups.

The first group includes expensive systems used by large enterprises such as ERP. They have accounting and functions for control, payroll, personnel and time management, financial management, etc.
These systems are characterized by high functionality, they are quite flexible. Many business processes of the enterprise are amenable to automation. As a rule, these systems are used in large companies due to the fact that the price and timing of the implementation are too high, and it is unprofitable for SMB.

The second group includes systems that are available for small and medium businesses. For example, such automation systems include software like CRM, HRM, WMS, DMS etc. The cost of implementing these systems is much lower, and the market is more dynamic. Companies when applying for automation of business processes clearly know their tasks. They are able to achieve maximum results due to the fact that they do not yet have a large number of branches, and the automation process can be focused on the main objectives.

Speaking about IT-solutions that enterprises needs, first of all, we need to pay attention to the complex approach to automation. Local automation, implementation of systems to solve any individual problems will be less effective in terms of the final result.

Automation of business processes is necessary for support management at all levels of the enterprise.

It should be mentioned about several levels of management in the company. We are talking about tactical, strategic and operational. Based on this system, it is worth highlighting the following levels of automation of business processes:

  • The lower level of automation or level of performers. 
    Processes that take place regularly. In this case, the purpose of automation is the solution of urgent tasks, such as production, maintenance of specified parameters and certain operating modes. 
  • Level of production management or tactical level. 
    At this stage, you can competently distribute tasks between various processes at the lower level. For instance, control activities on the production and associated business processes - planning, documentation management and company resources. ​​​​​​​
  • Level of enterprise management or strategic level. 
    These are forecast and analytical tasks. They are aimed at strategic management to support the work of the higher management of the company.

Starting the project on the implementation of the production automation system, it is necessary to assess the current state of affairs, the company's readiness for modernization and improvement. It is very important to introduce the key employees of the enterprise into the project team, who will be able to form a set of system requirements for functional tasks, actively participate in its testing. Among these key employees can be line managers, leading experts, carriers of unique knowledge on the specifics of the company and others.

What to expect in the future?

This issue is still controversial. However, it is the fact that business process automation helps to significantly reduce costs. With the help of automation, the company has the opportunity to improve the quality control over purchases and warehouses. Also enhance the coordination of logistics Department, resulting in reduced business costs.

Considering the question of what will happen in the future with automation, it should be noted that at the moment many companies are actively using these systems. At the same time, not only full automation is ordered, but also individual departments of the company are selected for the application of the automated system. And if previously only large companies could use such systems because of the high cost of implementation, now enterprises of every size can also actively use these systems.

These developments are gaining in popularity, while the possibilities inherent in this system can reduce the time and cost of full use of the system. 
The experience of many companies demonstrates that in many cases it is more efficient to order web-based development.