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Author Vadim
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Reasons for SMB to use the cloud

Every day we actively use the cloud, without thinking about the fact that social networks, personal email box is the same "cloud". Often such technologies are not considered to be an opportunity for business development.

For a small business, purchasing of IT-equipment can be critical. Clouds allow paying only for the used services, in small parts for a long time. They give for small and medium business (SMB) the technologies that were previously available only for big corporations. Now, at an affordable price, you receive identical features and benefits.

Another powerful argument in favor of the cloud - mobility. Many progressive companies don't even have workplaces as such. There is a small office space. If you want to come to the office - come, sit down anywhere and work. Don’t want to - work in a cafe, at home, on the road, and even in another country. With this, you or your employees have the same tools as other in the office. Moreover, due to the location in the cloud, your business applications (whether it be CRM, ERP or other systems) are always at your fingertips and you can work on your smartphone.

Using software as a service (SaaS), SMB can save time and focus on new features. For most small and medium enterprise, migration to the cloud also means cost savings, that allows companies to reinvest the money in other initiatives.