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OneBox Next: CRM solution with artificial intelligence

WebProduction company announced development of new system with artificial intelligence - OneBox Next.This program impresses by its capabilities. The program can independently communicate with customers, generate and solve issues instead of employees. Also, it is able to find new customers.

What is a CRM? As we know, it's a special software allowing users to manage the relationship with customers. There are a lot of different CRM with the different capabilities. Well, you may choose CRM for small business, cloud CRM, online version or downloadable software etc. Thus, a well-chosen CRM could help your e-Commerce platform, webstore or any other project which require to contact customers. But have you ever thought of the best CRM which has an AI intelligence? If you have, this article could give an interesting and useful info about a new generation of the CRM system.

The best CRM with AI

As we said earlier, well-known in CIS and in EU WebProduction company announced a new CRM with AI. Its name - OneBox Next. So what is it? This program has been developed for sales. Neural network analyzes the customer's request and all the previous experience of sales-managers, it offers sellers the best variants of responses which previously led to contracts. Sales-managers only need to select a proper answer. If it is necessary - program suggests to call a customer.

OneBox Next can automatically separate emails and create tasks for employees according to the email content. It fully automates your business and you can be sure that all tasks will be performed in time.

In the nearest future, WebProduction will demonstrate abilities of developing technology to partners for testing in real business conditions.