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IT audit

Every year information technologies become more complex. They absorb huge financial and time resources not always providing positive effect. This requires additional monitoring by the external and int ernal audit.

IT audit is the first and very important step towards optimization of all IT systems of the company. In turn, the well-functioning operation of an IT system positively affects any business processes in the company, the work of the staff and even the sustenance of the office. 
Unfortunately, not every director has a clear vision of IT functioning in his company, of the effectiveness, necessity and feasibility of investment in the development of IT. The list can go on and on. The main thing is that without having information, it is impossible to keep the situation under control.

Do you need IT-audit?

You need it if:

  • you don't understand why you spend so much money on IT and whether you can safely reduce these costs;
  • necessary to find where you lose money;
  • necessary to evaluate the criticality of IT services for Your business;
  • you want to know WHAT is wrong in your information system;
  • you just want to assess the current state of the information system.

The purpose of the audit is to assess the state of "as it is" and develop a reasonable movement plan to the state of "as it need to be", which is optimal from the business requirement point of view. It is possible to examine both certain elements of IT and set of software of the organization.


As a result you will get:

  • Clear vision of the status of the IT division in the company; 
  • Improving the efficiency of IT work; 
  • Improving the reliability and resiliency of IT systems; 
  • Information security and privacy of work; 
  • The strategy for further development.

 The price of IT-Audit:

- The cost of the IT-Audit for SMB at the conclusion of the agreement for the development of one of our business management systems - FREE.
- In other cases, the cost is calculated individually and depends on the amount of work.

Begin to work effectively with us ;)