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Daily routine work with applications, customers, searching documents take a lot of time and efforts, but every businessman knows that time is money.

Iconx.CRM is a universal system for more efficient interaction with clients, partners and documents. Its basic equipment includes the most necessary functions that control the key moments in the process of cooperation with the client:

Unified database of questionnaires with relevant summaries

CRM system allows you to maintain a customer base in a convenient and practical way.  All interactions with clients such as letters, calls, messages, requests are displayed on client cards in a structured form. You can always check the entire history of communication with a particular client.

Base of available vacancies

All incoming employers' requests and open vacancies are stored in a single database. You can always check what work you need to do to process the orders.
The types of orders and the composition of the fields in them can be configured individually for Your business needs.

Creating personal accounts for working with clients

For more effective interaction with clients, while filling the application form, a personal account creates which is attached to the e-mail specified during registration. 
Instead of thousand messengers and social networks, correspondence with customers takes place directly in the system. Customers have the possibility to view the status of the request, add or edit personal data. 

Sorting contacts by groups

For easy and quick work with your contacts, you can group and divide them. In addition, you are able to create an unlimited number of groups for your contact database.


From the entire database of contacts, thanks to the filters you can easily select only the desired recipients and notify them all about the hot offer. You can independently specify the contacts for mailing or select them all.

List of future payments

To control all the future payments and debts, the system provides a function for noting data about
payments that should be made by the client. The day before the end of the payment period, the system notifies you of upcoming overdue payments. For convenience in the list, they are also highlighted in different colours.

Partners (referrals)

It is possible to track channels of attracting customers - you create your own list of referrals and each of them has a unique link. Filling out the resume on the submitted link, the client is assigned to a certain curator (the company, another source) automatically.


You can set up notifications the way you prefer. There are 3 channels of notification - Telegram, e-mail and SMS. Thus, everyday you will receive messages about new resumes and status of customer payments.

IP telephony and SMS

With our system, you will be able to connect any providers and make calls at their rates straight from the system. You need just to click on the special icon on the customer's card.


You can quickly and easily create the documents and contracts for your needs, and save the templates for reuse.

With our system, you will be able to concentrate on the main goals of your business like improving the quality, obtaining new customers, etc.
Work is carried out through the Internet browser, without installing additional software on the user's computer. Users can be located in the office or in any other point of the city or the country and beyond, where there is the Internet. This improves the quality of relationships with customers, provides an opportunity to attract new ones and increases overall efficiency.

A single database will help to increase the efficiency of the implementation of applications. Information about appeals, vacancies, contracts, applicants and clients will always be at hand and will be accessible to all managers.

Thanks to the possibilities of the program, you will be able to select staff for a large number of parameters and filters. In online mode, you have the possibility to interact with applicants and employers, manage requests and monitor the expiration dates of contracts. Also, this CRM system can be used by staffing agencies and departments in recruitment in the large companies.

Our system has industry versions for different spheres of business with a special set of functional for each of them.
Depending on the needs, a company chooses the required functionality. Typically, these programs include several components that allow managers and employees to perform their work more qualitatively.

Also, we can develop CRM system according to your purposes and needs :)