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How to survive at the beginning?

Why do young companies need cloud technologies?

At the beginning, it is difficult to manage without at least minimal investment and resources for development and growth. The first dilemma for many business beginners is the question: how to decide what is necessary, and what can be given up until better times. 

In this regard, cloud technologies, in particular, CRM systems, are great, because they offer a ready-made infrastructure for a new company: tools for personnel management, transactions, sales, marketing and promotion, ready-made channels for communication — telephony, SMS and email mailing, a corporate portal for employees, etc. 

Why cloud technologies? 

Because the purchase and maintenance of their servers, for starting a business, as well as, for a small company is an unacceptable luxury. Do not forget about the need for an additional vacancy for IT specialist. Expensive, long and what to do if the business will not make a profit. Such investments can only be afforded by a stable company, who has the time and available finances. Therefore, in such case, the clouds are in a more advantageous position. 

Another plus to cloud-based systems - the simplicity of implementation
You can start using it from the first day: enter contacts in the database, fill in product cards, call, send letters, set tasks to employees, and master more complex settings in the process.

In the business at the initial stage, every client is worth his weight in gold, he cannot be lost. In the cloud CRM there are all possibilities for this, just use it. 

No need to look for a separate service for mass mailing, install widgets for callback and online consultant on your website. No need to update or install the latest version of the program. All the load of storage, updating and maintenance of the system is the responsibility of the provider. Do not think about the amount of storage or additional settings, if suddenly the company starts to grow by leaps and bounds. The system is very flexible and at any time it is possible to connect or disconnect certain modules. 

The price for using cloud CRM, if you consider all these factors — is not as expensive as it may seem at first glance (take into account at least only the salary of the system administrator for the month of work). In addition, all this functionality, but individually will be more expensive. 

Depending on the service model, there are three main types of cloud software:

PaaS (platform as a service) - the provider provides the cloud and basic software, and the client has the ability to create and manage his products. Imagine that you were given a log and a set of tools, and told to make a wardrobe.

IaaS (virtual servers) — client manages the rented cloud — loads and configures software and application. The provider is responsible only for the correct operation of the server equipment. This is the next level, you bought your wardrobe in IKEA and you only need to collect it according to the instructions.

SaaS (software as a service) is a fully ready-to-use software, where all technical work on filling and support is carried out by the provider, and the user immediately begins to solve his business tasks. The wardrobe is not only individually designed, arrived and installed, but also the mirror is promised to be fixed if it suddenly falls off from the wardrobe.

Pros of clouds

  • uninterrupted access from anywhere, from any device.
  • affordable rental price in comparison with the purchase and maintenance of personal IT-infrastructure; 
  • access to greater computing power
  • data storage privacy

Talking about the security of the clouds - the data is transmitted only via encrypted protocol; regular backup, access control and authorized login are performed. Only the administrator has the right to distribute access between users of CRM. This ensures the confidentiality of information and protects it from being viewed or edited by unauthorized people. 

Cloud technologies are not just a fashionable innovative solution, but also a fundamental business model that is equally applicable to large companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Correctly approaching the choice of cloud service with all the necessary functionality, you can provide a serious platform for business development in the future.