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How to influence on users behavior with UI & UX

The perfect examples of UI & UX design, and how it can attract customers. First of all, let us clarify, what does it mean UI & UX and why we need that!

Let ‘s imagine, you are sitting in expensive Falcon 7X with leather salon, exotic wooden furniture and steel decor. Long-legged flight attendant serves dinner: Moet Chandon and Foie gras. Lounge music is playing in your Beats headphones, little lights are flashing on the ceiling, like million thousands stars. Pilot is ready to take off. In this case, the created picture is “User Interface”, but your personal emotions are “User Experience”

The same situation occurs with your website or project as well. You should pay attention to every detail to attract customer: colors, fonts, location of buttons and forms. You must understand that your web page with useful features should solve specific buyers problem. Consequently, the interface should be understandable and every step -predictable for user to make target action. Otherwise, he will be lost like in deep dark forest, and will return to previous page.Just remember- you don’t have additional time to impress user.For instance: the small change on allowed to skip registration to make purchase, and increased annual turnover to $300 million.

Another significant example is design and functionality combination, like food delivery service Wolt :


Just look on the landing page, the search form already offers you to enter what you want, so it stimulates to make order. After selection you can choose restaurant, looking on colorful attractive photo, which increase your hunger and prompt you to order desired meal. Only after that, service offers you authorization with Facebook or typing email and phone number. After whole this procedure, you finally can select delivery type and pay for order .Sounds complicated? But, it allows to catch and keep clients attention.

Moving further, let’s consider other details, which are seemed to be not important. How about error page or email correspondence?

On the given Nasty Gal advertisement, we see limited time proposal and magic button “shop now”, which redirect us from mailbox on website. Small detail, but tricky:)



That is why, it is important to think carefully about benefit of each element and were it will be located. To choose the right variant,  specialists  advise to check via A/B testing which feature will work better.

Do you agree? If not, just forget this article

Nevertheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained!