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How to choose CRM and get the maximum profit

The choice of CRM is a serious decision, you should not neglect the preparation for its implementation. 

When buying every gadget, we get acquainted with all the characteristics and features of the model in detail, and only then we choose one. 

When choosing software for your organization, you need to do the same, but for some reason, the majority does not. The client does not want to delve into the detailed characteristics; they are too unusual and complex...
As a result, they buy software that seems more simple and attractive.

The main task when choosing a CRM system is to improve the efficiency and development of the company as a whole. The criteria for selection are set individually, but there are also common ones: stability and speed at high loads, extensive functionality, favorable price. 

When defining requirements for a CRM system, you need to consider an important aspect: the more functions it has, the more expensive it will be. But does it make sense to buy a solution many functions of which will not have a fundamental importance for your business?

Let’s take a closer look at important criteria when choosing a CRM.

  1. UI & UX*

The attention of users should not be distracted by unnecessary buttons or a long time to look for the location of the desired features. 
Everything should be as simple as possible.

*UI — User Interface, what the interface looks like and what physical characteristics it acquires.
 UX — User Experience. This is the experience/impression that the user gets from working with your interface. Does he manage to achieve the goal and how easy or difficult it is to

  1. Security

The data in your system is your money.
The system must ensure the safety and security of the data. This requires security settings and control of data access settings. Data should not be allowed to be stolen from outside or inside the company. Each employee should have an access to the information that he/she needs to work with.

  1. History and versioning

It is important to see who and when made the changes to the documents, as well as the ability to restore them if there are problems with the client. Previous versions of the document must be preserved.

  1. New functionality

If you choose CRM system for the first time, it is likely that your requirements will be simple. Almost every popular CRM can be suitable for you. However, as the company develops, you will miss these opportunities and will have to move to a more functional CRM-system, which means spending time and money.

This is not always the case - system refinement is an ordinary process that many people face. It is impossible to consider everything at once. After some time of using the system, you may notice that initial functionality is not enough for you, and it will be a big plus to have long-term support from the developers.

  1. Quality control

The human factor cannot be eliminated. The system must determine when an employee enters data that already exists or is incorrect and inform him. 
The system should not have any data with errors and various debris in order to find the necessary information quickly.

  1. Ability to integrate with third-party systems and applications

We can’t but agree, it is convenient when everything that you need for work is in one window. Integration with telephony, email, warehouse or other application necessary for work will save you time and will be a nice bonus for the main functionality.

  1. Lead generation 

Every request (call or email), which can become a client, is fixed in the system. The manager has only to find out what service the client is interested in and arrange the sale. However, customers end up sooner or later.
Keeping regular customers is more profitable than focusing only on new customers. Therefore, in addition to the solution of standard tasks, CRM needs to support the functions of repeated sales. But it is possible to organize repeated sales in CRM only if the system is connected with the whole chain of the business process.

  1. SaaS or Standalone

There are two options for using the management system: SaaS and Standalone. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. You should think carefully before making a choice in favor of one of them.

CRM-system is designed to improve the state of affairs in business, help to find potential customers and keep regular. The management of the company will see a detailed picture and the state of affairs at the moment, and ordinary employees will be able to assess their work and find weaknesses that prevent the achievement of new heights.