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Flexibility Improves Productivity

Regardless of the type of business, using these tips will help you succeed in your enterprise.

Digital technologies have brought business to a new level. 50 years ago, no one imagined how they would change the media, trade, logistics. 
Modern IT-companies are working in conditions of constant discoveries and changes because the technology is developing further rapidly. They had to learn how to respond quickly to market changes in order not to lose relevance.

Here are five tips from IT-companies that will help you to adjust to the new conditions in time - they can be applied in all areas of business.

  1. Speed up decision-making

IT companies make decisions quickly. Their structure is dominated by small units with different functions. They work side by side every day to continuously update the software and detect problems in time. In two weeks, such team can invent a new product or software component, test it and launch it to the end-user. You can save time by involving the end-user in the development and testing process. This will help to speed up the decision-making process.

  1.  Provide equal access to information

Digital systems depend on the information they manage. The best IT-architecture creates rigid standards of information on which the whole system is built. And this information is perceived as "the truth in the highest instance". Other companies may apply this principle in a broader sense. For example, you can create a single resource with reliable information for sharing with company employees. With its help, it is possible to resolve disputes between the departments concerning the accuracy of the data.

  1. Re-use assets

Re-use of digital systems ensures high performance of the company. Reusable systems are characterized by modularity (independently functioning modules of code) and the compatibility of the components. This standardization is also used in heavy industry: for example, huge mechanisms that are suitable for different types of equipment, the engine that can be used by different machines. 

Re-use of software components is convenient in trade and banking. For example, when opening a bank account, different modules are used: collection and processing of customer data, account setup. It is rational to use them again when opening a personal account or for mobile banking. The technology of collecting information when opening a bank account can be used during the registration of a mortgage loan. This standardization will save employees from repeated routine work and allow them to focus on more important tasks.

  1. Keep complexity to a minimum

Complex programs and components slow down the company. In the IT industry, the work is simplified by limiting the selection and use of middleware to connect systems with each other through hubs, rather than directly. This principle is convenient to use in other companies. A simple structure without an excessive number of managers will allow the company to work faster. It is necessary to avoid collective responsibility in order to achieve good results.

  1. Quickly reallocate resources

Flexibility in the organization of the company is the immediate movement of resources to the places where they are most in demand. In an IT system, technologies allow you to combine computing operations between systems using external sources such as the cloud. In any business area, such rapid redeployment of resources means the presence of interchangeable employees, cooperation with independent human resources agents. Commercial banks use a single queue of operational tasks. Then you can distribute resources in real time as needed.

Short-term investments will be needed for the company to respond quickly to changes. For example, to improve the management of information systems. To succeed in business, you need to be flexible and have good planning and organization skills.