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Author Mariana
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E-learning: trend or useful tool for your activity

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

B. Franklin

If you have teaching skills and knowledge in specific spheres, you can’t sleep because you would like to share with somebody, but you don’t want to be a teacher at school or a lector at a university, you don’t have available office space to conduct lessons - don’t be upset, you have an opportunity to conquer the world without significant effort.

Let’s figure it out, what are the main advantages of such solution. First of all, you can attract audience regardless of your location. You don’t need to employ staff, rent a classroom, pay utility bills and pollute the environment with CO2 emission or waste energy once again. Also, you can help people from developing countries to get necessary knowledge.


There are several options nowadays:  interactive gaming application like Yousician, which help you to play guitar, bass, piano and ukulele. The given application is based on accomplishing different levels of complexity. This approach encourages users to play and improve their musical skills.

Or it can be represented in the form of a website like deutsch-online, language learning platform, which consists of separate sections: grammar, online dictionary,  media files (video, texts, german radio and tv), a list of teachers and schools, a forum and useful articles about Germany.

Other possible option is Codecademy, where students have an opportunity to learn programming languages step by step, and to run your code and to see how it works, with less theory and more practice. In case of difficulties, every task has hints and an ability to use a forum, searching for the best solution.


Why may this solution attract users?

A lot of potential users don’t have time for additional courses and are looking for a flexible schedule, to gain new skills, without wasting money for transport and printed materials. That is why this approach will be useful for office personnel, students or even mothers with little children.

Please, take into account, that your content must keep user’s attention, and depends on subject or sphere, all additional information should be within an eyeshot. Otherwise, you might lose your students, they will simply use other sources. Almost 80 % of U.S companies use online learning to enhance their employees training.  

Concerning payment options, you can offer a free trial with a subscription period or sell different packages. Additionally, you can arrange webinars or skype lessons, to see and to hear:  who are your listeners, what they expect, and their feedback, how you could help them. According to the modern tendency, more than 70% people use mobile devices for e-learning, so your educational platform or app should be adapted to them as well.


To finish this “long” article, don’t forget that teaching others gives you direction and motivation to deepen your own knowledge or skills.

It keeps you fit:)