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Document management optimization

Computers, Internet, office applications — without these can't work any organization, today. We are moving from paper to electronic documents but is it easier to control with them?

We create electronic documents, somehow they spread through the organization and stored on different media drives. They are poorly controlled and not protected properly.
The chaos of paper documents is easy to detect visually, but the chaos of electronic documents is not so obvious. It also complicates the work with documents. We use powerful computers but the task of finding a specific document, that is needed right now, it is still complicated and ambiguous.

The solution for this problem is no longer a secret - document management system

Document management system is a computer software used to track and store electronic documents. Usually, this software is considered as a component of larger management systems (CRM, ERP, eCommerce etc.).

More about the benefits of the system

Executives and managers in every company use computers and the Internet. They create hundreds of files, send them by mail or internal network for approvals, reviewing, examination or because "they have to". These files eventually multiply and spread uncontrolled. Some documents are printed and begin "private life" in the form of paper copies. Files with reviews return to the authors and there is always a risk, that someone will overwrite the old version over the new one, and all fixes of the latest revision will disappear. In the electronic document management system all files are versioned, files protected with customizable access rights, they do not multiply and do not print unnecessary copies.

Imagine the situation where the final prepared document placed on the table to the administrator in a different Department (at another branch or in the other end of the country) for alignment or approval. The administrator has read the document on the same day, but the document will be delivered back, at least in the next day.
In the electronic document management system, the sender (manager) will instantly receive information about a result, while the paper copy will be delivered, at least through few days.

In another case, you need to familiarize all employees with the new regulations.
Evaluate the capabilities of electronic document management with web access: employee logged in his account in the system, read the document, clicked "Read", and it automatically writes this information in the journal. Moreover, when he pressed the button, the date and time fixed up. You did not print any copies of the document. How much time do you save on printing and transferring documents to each employee?

In addition to these, document management system includes such functions as:

  • creating new documents (from templates or not)
  • downloading documents from scanners, e-mail or file system
  • storing documents in the structured directory
  • collective work with documents
  • formation and controlling tasks (recognition, approval, execution and others)
  • access to documents through the web interface
  • time tracking of employees
  • quick search by keywords
  • simple and convenient interface.

If your company does not need a standard CRM or ERP systems, then you've came to the right place.
We do not use ready-made solutions, which are not always possible to correctly configure to suit the existing requirements.
We create systems for specific tasks of Your business.