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Author Mariana
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Do you really need virtual office if you are doing your business online?

Business always demands investments, which vary depending on your activity. Furthermore, it requires training and recruitment costs, because 20% of competent team’s efforts gives 80% of result. And finally, your business should be profitable, and bring you sufficient net income. Also it's worth to mention that except space and human resources, you will spend money on equipment, furniture, electricity. If your are not going to build a big factory, are these expenses worth it?

Today's development of IT technologies, social networks, advertisement platforms gives an opportunity to avoid waste of money. Let’s  talk about two popular variants: virtual office and web business.

Virtual office has historically appeared in 80th, and today, it offers the following services:

  • business address with mailbox;
  • calls and emails reception;
  • meeting rooms;
  • office facilities.

It sounds cool because you save money on rent, your workers have a possibility to operate remotely with flexible shifts. You can reduce overheads, also it will be a small contribution to avoid pollution of environment and waste of energy. On average the price starts from 100$ per month, but packages in most cases may include an additional fee for meeting room, receptionists service and others office facilities.


Do you really need this, if you have already business web page?

It is a tricky question, and the answer depends on your activity. If it is consulting sphere, law office - definitely, yes, because you should meet clients face-to-face! But if it is creative service or e-shop project - the website will be enough.

Let’s compare, most businesses can satisfy their appetite, demonstrating and updating relevant information or range of products, attracting customers around the world, having a possibility to communicate with them to process orders and to get money. All these items can be realized via the single website, which will demand one-time payment for server hosting and development. Moreover, you will be able to promote your page involving SEO, social media and search engines, like Facebook, Google.

In conclusion, you will receive your own online office with backend mechanism, decorated in the form of web and front-end design and integrated payment gateway.

It only remains to select talented experts with fresh ideas!