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Business management system

This solution will help to accelerate the launch of new stores, easily expand the network of offices to obtain detailed reports from anywhere in the world and use an unlimited number of working places.

Business management system is the ideal tool for the conduction and control of the business. The flexibility and versatility of the system make it an excellent tool for any organization. 

Being primarily a flexible tool for the management of the organization, the system contains tools for organizing collective work and for effective document management, allows to optimize customer relationships.
We create the system in such way that thanks to its possibilities, you can easily distribute and automate the primary record of the organization at all management levels.

Dozens of reports and charts are available in real time, from any device - no need to wait for the report to be prepared. Thus, the efficiency of information receiving will enable all users of the system, who has rights to access particular functions, to be always informed of any changes.

The system does not require installation and is accessible from anywhere in the world, from any device – phone, computer, tablet. You no longer need to spend resources, time and nerves on a complex setup of computers in your company, the content of IT specialists, provision of training courses. 
The system does not require additional training and professional knowledge. If the employee knows how to use a computer at a basic level, he will quickly learn to use our system.
It is as simple as possible and accessible. You get the reports you require and nothing extra.


Business management system provides the following benefits:

  • web client gives an opportunity of fully remote work;
  • simple and intuitively understandable interface simplifies user’s work with the system and reduces training costs;
  • the ability to instantly deploy a system, including branches. That not just allows you to start working faster but also significantly reduces the costs and possible risks of implementation;
  • all the necessary tools to easily create and manage approvals, version control and organization of electronic document flow;
  • the system allows to collect statistics on projects and users. Thus, it is always possible to view task information for each employee and project;
  • the possibility of integration with other automation and accounting systems;
  • support from the developers 7 days a week;

There are two types of the system:

SaaS - no need to install any software, all information will be stored on our server, which not only reduces the cost of a one-time investment but also reduces the cost of product support.

Stand-alone - the system is acquired and deployed on the customer server. This option should be selected in the case of increased cybersecurity requirements, a large number of potential users, as well as the need to refine the system for specific business processes of the customer.