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Benefits of CRM integration

Today’s world of business is developing very rapidly. Data is becoming bigger, client base grows and in real time of fierce competition CRM software may make more sense than ever.
CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a software for effective marketing automation with detailed reporting, down to the per-customer level. It's a smart way to track and scale the sales pipeline.

CRM system is nothing more than a database. There you have every person who comes into contact with your business - prospects, customers, partners, suppliers etc. And, if used the right way, every one of these people has a follow-up. Events, emails, appointments, notes and tasks are scheduled, stored and completed.
The system integrates with your accounting system, and it's the first place everyone turns to when someone calls, at least to see who has last spoken with the person and what the issues are. A good CRM system used both for sales and service. It tracks the abilities and also suitable for any problems, issues or complaints.


More about advantages that you get:

Centralized, Accurate Data
You’ll get all the information about your organization in one place. You can forget about numerous reports or conflicting data and their search. All your employees will work in one system with a single database. In other words, get "one version of truth".

Improving relations with customers
CRM systems are a solid reminder of why the business exists in the first place: to serve the customer. The more you know and remember about your customers, the more your customers know that you care about them.

Reporting is a key component of CRM. The system is able to generate reports in different formats: graphs, tables, charts, allowing the user to quickly view a report on the state of affairs in real time and to plan their next steps.

Another important function performed by CRM is to track the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Tracking is performed on the basis of the sales metrics and reports that provide an in-depth analysis of the activities of your staff. Based on reports, the user can wisely allocate tasks to those performers, who can best handle them. 

To promote your product, business owners spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns. You can do the same using built-in CRM marketing tools. To work effectively with this functionality, the user must have good analytical skills to be able to set campaign goals.

Leads generation
Most releases of CRM systems come with built-in connectors to social networks, but most users underestimate their importance. As a result, they lose potential leads and customers, which could appear due to the use of these channels. 

Forecasting function
A favourite feature of CRM among sellers is forecasting that instantly provides the user with a brief analysis of data for prioritization of tasks, based on the number of probable sales. If you use the tool wisely, it’s possible to successfully close sales and increase profits using the option of sales consistent segmentation.

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