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8 Rules Of Personalized Approach

Competition is growing, as well as customer expectations, and companies interested in improving their results are trying to learn more about their customers and guess their needs.

The number of manufacturers of goods and services is increasing every year. Moreover, the range of products designed to perform the same task, today, can amount to hundreds of titles. Each of which is produced under a different brand.
It is difficult to make the buyer "love" your product or your company.

How to increase customer loyalty to your business?

Indeed, if all companies have approximately the same product, the leader in sales will be the company that will be able to gain customer loyalty.
This can be done only by entering a program of the individual approach to each client into business.

Individual approach to the client and work with him make a customer to contact you again and again; furthermore, one satisfied with the quality of the product and services surely will recommend your company to friends.

  1. Collect and use customer data

Paper archive, Excel or a more advanced CRM software are very important for personalized strategy in running business. Names, contacts, individual preferences and other personal information are your tools to use wisely. The client receives a special attitude and the best service, he is known and remembered. Thanks to such approach, the company receives a loyal customer and the effect of "word of mouth".

  1. Meet with a smile, be affable

The basic rule of successful communication, but often neglected in practice. A smile at the meeting or a good tone during the call creates a good first impression, causing the interest of the client. In this way, you show the client the willingness to listen and solve his problem. Remind your employees, especially those who have developed a strong habit to communicate more through social networks and telephone.

  1. Address by name and do not hide yours

You should know the names of your customers so that employees can contact them personally when communicating, in messages or email. But do clients know with whom they communicate? If the letter uses a standard signature such as ” support specialist “ or the name of the company — it is perceived as a mass mailing, not personally addressed message. Customer orientation or simple courtesy, no matter what's behind the scenes, it's better when using real employee name.

  1. Use different channels of communication

Some people like to communicate by phone, some prefer more through online chat or email, others  — through a personal meeting. The more possibilities the company has for contact and customer service, the higher is the degree of personalization. Everyone can choose for themselves their favourite and convenient way of communication.

  1. Develop your loyalty program

You can prepare a personal offer, a good discount, a gift certificate or a bonus. Become closer to customers and their way of life. Collect data about customers and their behaviour with the help of special programs, generate personalized offers. And in order not to get bogged down and get confused in the flow of information, use the power of your CRM.

  1. Reduce the distance and add more humanity

Communication on the finished scripts is a good thing, especially for inexperienced employees, but to follow only scripts is an ineffective practice. The caller may have a feeling that he is not listened, especially when in response to the problem, a standard learned phrase sounds. Add humanity to the dialogues, it can be a simple relevant question on an abstract topic while a specialist deals with the problem or looking for the right information. After all, just simple conversation "in your own words" and not patterns are perceived more positively and the client is less irritated.

  1. Offer related products

When you have information about previous purchases and customers' interests, use this knowledge to offer new products or services that they may like or benefit from. The offer can be made by mailing or in the form of recommendations for users on the site. Do it without bigotry, this should be treated as a good advice, not desire to impose unnecessary things and increase a check.

  1. Beware of losing customers data

Sometimes an employee goes on vacation, on a business trip or for some other reason is forced to transfer his client to a colleague. The usual practice, but it is unfavourable when the information on the client is transmitted incomplete or not transmitted at all. With the help of CRM tools, even a new Manager in a matter of minutes will be up to date and have all the relevant information. With this approach, the loss of a loyal customer is less likely.

Previously, only the largest companies understood the importance of effective relationships with clients, but now this is a prerequisite for maintaining competitiveness even for a small company. Many small businesses have already implemented a customer-oriented approach and almost everyone knows the magic abbreviation CRM.

Today, CRM system is a prerequisite for a client-oriented company. Without automation, your business will suffer only losses and while you think, your competitors are already reaching a new level thanks to automated solutions.

Our wide experience of development and implementation of automation systems will allow you not only to develop effectively but also to gain an advantage in the market in the shortest possible time!