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5 Reasons to use frameworks instead of CMS

Let’s imagine! You have your own business, for example, you produce custom electric skateboards. Consequently, you have decided to open an online store and operate worldwide. But, you hesitate “To be or not to be”- to do it yourself, using simple CMS or delegate your task to experienced Framework guru?

Don’t worry, we have found arguments for reasonable decision.

Despite the fact, those content management systems are the cheapest and fast way to create and manage your webpage, appeared approx. 16 years ago, it didn’t become a serious and reliable instrument for online business. To most popular CMS belong Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal. Well, it is constructor with templates, which can be even used by a schoolboy. It gives an opportunity to administrate your website without technical specialist. Furthermore, you don’t need programming languages, front-end, and web-design skills.

But, on the other side you get following disadvantages:


  • Security. Due to the huge popularity of CMS, its code isn’t a secret. It means that any user has an idea how the core of your website looks. There are a lot of articles in Internet about how to hack CMS, so it can be destroyed by anybody.

  • New plugins.  Periodically appear new versions, and if you will set the wrong one. This can cause a lot of bugs and your web page will not work. It will be difficult to define the issue. That is why be careful with updates.

  • SEO optimization.  Some of CMS creates several pages in search engines, like in Google. This complicates indexing and promotion process, you can’t reach the TOP, Web crawlers understand that website is based on CMS. Such websites can be even switched off or may have viruses- there no sense to promote them as well.

  • Functionality. As a rule, websites are working slowly, and due to unnecessary functionality, take a lot of hosting memory and can be suffered from disruptions.


For example, any Wordpress client once can be faced with Error 500- so-called” Internal server error”, which even does not show the core of problem. Such bug may have several reasons:

  • Disruption of plugin work
  • Disruption  of theme work
  • Disruption of file work .htaccess
  • Exceeded  limit of PHP- memory

Also, suddenly may appear “Error Establishing A Database Connection “, due to the error in wp-config.PHP, hosting provider's issues or you are hacked!

  • Additional costs. Sometimes, support and installation of new modules and templates need expenses.

So, if you would like to build a serious and safe website you should use a framework. Of course, it requires to hire web developers and to contribute sufficient costs. But, you will get high code efficiency and your online store will work fast, without any conflicts with updates. Moreover, you will be able to solve any tasks, use any classes and libraries. Just have a look at one of the most famous service BLA BLA CAR, it was developed using PHP,  Symfony 2 framework, database management system MySQL, Memcached, Redis.

Картинки по запросу blablacar

This service successfully operates nowadays, helping people to move from one location to another, saving money and finding new friends. Also, such websites are much better promoted from “scratch” by Google or by any other search service.

Framework-is your golden key to success. A golden key can open any door!