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11 Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of The Sales Department

As your company grows, you will undoubtedly experience a shortage of resources and time. Want to do more with less but don't know where to start?

Effective sales Department focuses on the interests of the consumer, doing everything possible to the relationship between the seller and the buyer is not limited to a minute phone call. 

Consider the basic rules, following which will make the work to strengthen sales more successful, you will find new and retain old customers.

  1. Training of newcomers and professional development of successful employees.

It is difficult to imagine the increase in sales of the company if it employs - people who are unfamiliar, for example, with the range of goods or the details of the provision of services. What to strengthen in a company that does not have sales processes in principle? This item applies to sales on the trading floor and the Network. Only competent employees who are able to interest a potential client with the possession of information about the proposed product can increase sales efficiency.
Create a knowledge base. Make the training and master classes mandatory for all employees. 

  1. Try to achieve the right communication with the buyer

Each person, who plans to purchase goods or service order, should feel the good graces from the seller. Working to strengthen sales, pay special attention to the model and means of communication between the seller and the buyer.

  1. Engage in the development of the rules of work

Documented rules for Department employees allow to increase sales efficiency, especially if there is a staff turnover. Both new employees and" Oldies " must adhere to the standards and methods of interaction with customers, adopted by management.

  1. Make it a rule to maintain statistics of customer complaints

An effective sales Department for the promotion of their products uses advertising (outdoor, network, on radio and television, in the print media). You can learn about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign by analyzing how many people have applied to the company (due to what type of advertising). In addition, it is necessary to create a database of target customers – those who make purchases often, in large volumes, are interested in the range of goods and services. It is desirable that the data of customers (their names, phones, purchases) were recorded for further cooperation.

  1. Distribute work fairly and motivate employees

In some organizations, the hardest work goes to ordinary subordinates, while the heads of departments are engaged in documents and drawing up plans, reports. Employees whose duties include receiving calls, independent calls to customers, meetings with the aim of promoting the company's products, in fact, do the most difficult work. Therefore, management should encourage the best professionals who bring profit to the whole team. As a nice bonus to the basic salary, you can add a bonus, as well as reward subordinates with verbal praise and gifts.

  1. Aim to increase the number of meetings with clients

In order to increase the efficiency of sales, the company's management together with employees should analyze the frequency of business negotiations, the number of transactions, the profit that was brought by involving a circle of new people to purchase products. The effectiveness of the sales Department depends on the quality and quantity of client meetings. And even if the quality is high, what stops you from working out the quantity? And increase revenue this way.

  1. Test different variants of client meetings

It is better when 2-3 experienced (if possible) sellers participate in the conversation with the client, who know the full picture regarding the transaction and the subtleties of the goods (the service provided). The buyer significantly increases the degree of its importance and the level of confidence in the company, able to send several of its employees to discuss the contract.

  1. Minimize paperwork

Often, sale managers choose a person (for an acquaintance or a number of other reasons), which, in fact, has nothing to do with sales. Incorrectly understanding the strategy of the Department entrusted to him, such a person can upload his subordinates with the preparation of documentation, leaving no time for real meetings with customers and telephone conversations to attract new customers. Reporting on the done work is important, but it should not take all the time of employees.

  1. Analyze the effectiveness of your employees

The tasks of the sales Department are ultimately reduced to profit. It is an axiom. But, oddly enough, not all managers tend to increase their own income and the company's income. Often the seller attends meetings and offers a product with zero productivity. Ticked, but the sale did not happen.

  1. Work on the structure and processes

Depending on the specifics of the company's activities, it is necessary to form the optimal structure of the Department and determine the number of sales units. Most often, it is advisable to divide the sales Department into several sub-departments, each of which takes a certain direction of work. This structure is usually found in financial and credit organizations, whose activities are aimed at serving customers from different industries.

It is also necessary to define the concept of formation of the number of selling units: either the organization hires a small number of employees-sellers of the highest qualification with the appropriate level of payment, or for the same money the company hires more middle-skilled managers. The first tactic is most often recommended when the sale of goods or services requires an individual approach to each client and deep knowledge in a particular area. The second tactic is usually applied if the sale of goods or services is a standardized procedure and does not require deep knowledge and understanding of the company's business.

The Sales Department is the main resource of the company, and managers are the links, without which the company's revenues will stand in place. Choose those who are interested in the sales of the company and in their own growth, who are not afraid to work on the percentage, allocate the resources of the Department competently, building an effective structure of the Sales Department.

  1. Sales force automation

Automation of the most frequently repeated and routine operations allows managers to free up time for complex transactions and focus on functions that require more skills.

Automation of sales Department – implementation of CRM-system will help you to increase sales efficiency by more than 11%.

When choosing software to increase sales, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Easy to implement and use

CRM should be implemented quickly and have a simple intuitive interface. In this case, it will not be difficult to teach old and new employees: they will not boycott the innovation and will quickly adapt to work in the program.

  • Sales funnel availability

The main activity of the sales Department is working with customers. The sales funnel in CRM allows you to control each stage of the sales process, reminds you of the need to perform a specific action that contributes to the conversion of the transaction into a purchase.

  • Focus on transaction

In CRM-systems focused on sales, the main thing is the management of customer relationships. For each client, a separate transaction is opened, in which all information about the potential buyer is indicated and placed in the sales funnel. The sales Manager accompanies the client at each stage until the transaction is completed.

  • A possibility of integration with other services

Making a deal, you probably use a lot of additional services: telephony, e-mail or SMS-mailing, document services or any other. In the CRM-system, which you have decided to implement in the Sales Department, you should be able to integrate to all these services: this will allow you to maximize the efficiency of the Department.

With the introduction of CRM, your staff will get a tool to manage relationships with customers, and you – control the sales process. The presence of an automated sales system allows management to track the performance of managers, view data on transactions, customers, the number of calls made, meetings held, the number of sales. All data for each day's sales process is summarized in the Events report.

New information technologies, as well as a systematic approach, can significantly increase the efficiency of the Sales Department and the profitability of the business as a whole. 
Use not only the obvious tools to strengthen sales in the company, but if you do not know where to start, our managers will be happy to advise you.